mega span

Mega Span system is the combination of two or more of the following :

-  Prestressed cable

-  Steel pipe

-  Joist system

-  Truss 2D and 3D

-  Composite profile

Mega Span system benefits to achieve a structural system with less steel weight.

Applicable for: Roof Structure, Sport Facilities, Building Infrastructure

Project Name:  Kertajati International Airport, Jawa Barat
Product: Mega Span

2nd/3rd Product: Tensile Membrane, ETFE and Metal Sheet Roofing

Year: 2018

Area (m2): 38.307


Project Name:  Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium Renovation, Jakarta
Product: Mega Span Roofing

Year: 2017
Client: Adhi Karya

Project Name: Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta Airport
Product: Mega Span Facade
Year: 2015
Area (m2): 56.747
Client: WIKA, Waskita Karya, PP, Jaya Konstruksi JO (KSO)

Project Name:  Airport Padang
Product: Mega Span 

Year: 2005
Area (m2): 11.500
Client: Shimizu, Marubeni Corp.

Project Name: Jakabaring Aquatic Center, Palembang
Product: Mega Span

2nd Product: Metal Sheet and Tensile Membrane
Year: 2004
Area (m2): 3.724
Client: PT. Prambanan Dwipaka