Binatama Akrindo integrates design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, production, construction and project management solutions for clients in diverse industries. We provide complete design and fabrication service, from consulting to engineering, from manufacturing to installation and maintenance. We supply customized value solutions for each project.

Design & Engineering

Our Professional Architects and Engineers collaborate to design and analyse structures and give total solutions for our clients.


From the earliest stages of project design, we involve the Engineering Project Construction Management teams to provide capital and schedule efficiency.

Shop Drawing

Our team of experienced steel detailers, shop drawers, and CAD drafters can deliver accurate, customized, and detailed services as per client requirements and guidelines.

Production Line

Using our own qualified resources and machineries, we provide fabrication services where we produce fabricated structures and membrane fabrics according to each client’s requirements in-house workshop. To ensure highest client satisfaction, we always conduct quality control for our products.


Our experienced construction teams have best practices implementation through all aspects of HSE, labor, material management, construction methodologies, and construction technologies. The completed structures will undergo full and comprehensive final inspection before hand-over to clients.